Venice Airport Informational Guide to Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) - Non Official

Venice Airport Bus

There several routes of bus companies in Venice Airport that connects to Venice city center or other destinations in mainland: ACTV and AVTO.

See the information below to get more insights about buses at Venice Airport:


See the available bus routes at Marco Polo Airport according to your destination:

To Piazzale Roma

ACTV bus route 5

See schedule

Stops: Venice Airport, Tessera, Orlanda, Passo Campalto, Sabbadino, Orlanda, S. Giuliano, Venice.

Frequency: Every 15 minutes approximately.

Please note that by taking it is possible to reach Santa Lucia Railway Station.

To Mestre Railway Station

ACTV bus route 15

See schedule

Stops: Marco Polo Airport, Tessera, Orlanda, Forte Marghera, Piazza 27 Ottobre, Corso del Popolo, Vempa, Mestre Railway Station, Via Torino, University of Torino.

Please note that on weekends this bus route stops at Durando, Giovannacci, Lavelli, S. Antonio, Paleocapa, Trieste, Catene and Villabona.

Frequency: Every 30 minutes.

To Mestre downtown

ACTV bus route 45

See schedule

Stops: Monte Cervino, S. Donà, Piazza Pastrello, Triestina, Tessera, Marco Polo Airport, Triestina, Ca’ Noghera (casino).

To Treviso

ATVO Treviso Express

An express bus service straight to downtown Treviso.

Frequency: Every 35 minutes.

Other destinations

From Marco Polo Airport there are also bus services to the following locations:

- Padua, Abano and Montegrotto: FSBUsItalia

- Pordenone – Aviano: Marco Polo-Shuttle AVTO

- Seaside resorts

- Alpine resorts: Cortina Express bus service, AVTO Venezia – Cortina, Dolomiti Ski Shuttle

- Ljubljana: Nomago


Bus stop in Venice Airport is located at the second lane outside Arrivals.


Take a look below for further information about the bus fares at Marco Polo Airport:

We recommend passengers to purchase Venezia Unica Card in order to enjoy economic and cheap fares to move around Venice.

See as follows Venezia Unica Card fares:

The single ticket fare for ACTV bus services is € 1.50, which is valid for 75 minutes.

On the other hand, for just € 2.00, the ticket is valid for up 100 minutes.

Please note that prices on board are more expensive (€ 3.00 for a single ticket).

Express services

- ATVO Venezia Express bus route 35: € 8 (single), € 15 (return).

- AVTO Mestre Express bus: € 8 (single), € 15 (return).

- ATVO Treviso Express: € 9 (single), € 16 (return).

Where do I buy my ticket?

Tickets are sold at the ticket offices of ACTV and ATVO at arrivals lounge, at the ticket machines in the baggage claim area (carousels 3 and 5) and bus stops, ATVO line buses and FSBusitalia buses.


For further information regarding bus services at Venice Airport, please contact:

ACTV: +39 041 24 24

ATVO: +39 0421 594672

FSBusitalia: +39 049 8206811